About Me!

I was born and raised in San Diego, but spent about 7 years in the midwest, just for fun. It gets pretty cold, so I eventually found my way back home. My favorite color is green! To me, it symbolizes life, energy, and growth. I drink way too much coffee, can be little clumsy at times, and have been accused of being "too composed". If you are in a crisis, call me.

I love dogs, the beach, picnics, and movies in the park. I go to sleep and wake up way too early. I blame it on my 10 years as a barista at Starbucks. 5am comes REALLY early!!! And I just haven't really fallen out of that rhythm.

My motto in life is "Every Moment of Every Day is a Choice". Which means to me that at any given moment, you can choose to do something to change your life. I also believe that everyone is doing the best they can in that moment. And you can not control what others do, only how you react to it. This has helped me be a more compassionate person. I don't hold grudges.

My Experience

After working at Starbucks for many many years, it was time to pursue my passion of photography. I began working with an event photography company called "King Shots" in Indianapolis, Indiana. There I learned how to shoot large events, organized sports, dance, and fine tune my portrait photography. I went on tour with King Shots shooting dance photography for StarQuest Dance Competition for 3 years.

After leaving King Shots, I partnered up with a friend to shoot weddings and engagement sessions, while shooting children and family portraits on the side. Shortly after that, I was picked up by JUMP Dance Convention, and began shooting dance photography for them for 3 years.

These days my focus is on Weddings, Engagements, and Family Portraiture. I am currently located in San Diego, California, but do travel back to Indianapolis on occasion because I am in love with the scenery, and the people there are pretty great too.